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Our Origin Story

Simply put, we fell in love with Geckos!!!

Back in 2010, my oldest son of 7 years asked for a leopard gecko for his birthday.  After some research and investigation, I bought him his first gecko, a female named Toph.  Soon after, his curiosity grew and wanted another gecko to breed.  His curiosity sparked mine, and then we got Ricco, a male giant super snow leopard gecko.  To continue feeding our new passion, I sold most of my Marvel Comics collection, and began to build my collection.  Over the next few years, leos turned into Cresteds, and then to Gargs and Leachies, and our curiosity turned into a love for all gecko species, with an aspiring collection for all to marvel at.  

I established Marvel Morphs in 2015 because I knew there were others with that same amazement and curiosity for these awesome creations, and I desired to help grow their passions for geckos and other reptiles.  Marvel Morphs specializes in breeding a variety of New Calendonian gecko species (Cresteds, Gargoyles, Chahouas, Leachianus, Eurydactylodes), and continuing to expand into Leaf Tailed Geckos and others.  I marvel at each gecko we acquire, at how awesome each of these geckos express themselves individually through their color, or pattern, structure, and lineage.  And my love for these marvelous creatures have driven me to breed & extend my best lines to gecko lovers of all levels.  Whether you’re a beginner, or highly experienced, please look at my collection and share your thoughts.  We are based in the Long Beach area of Southern California, and we’d love to hear from you.

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Our First Gecko, Toph


Our First Reptile Show

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